About Us

How do we predict?

We predict through natal and Horary charts. If you have accurate date of birth and time we predict through natal with kp methods.Those who don’t have accurate birth details can go thorugh Horary method. You have to ask a question (related to one topic) and provide a number in between 1 to 249. By that number we erect a chart and answer your question

How do we predict Sports?

We use both Horary and Western methods to predict sports. We don’t have any minimum knowledge in sports, we don’t know about players, Teams , Play ground, weather conditions …etc. We use only one thing to predict sports, that is Astrology. We depend 100% on astrology to predict Sports.

Accuracy in Sports predictions :

We can predict sports but we can’t predict how much accuracy we can give in our predictions. It Depends…

About sports Predictions :

This site is strictly prohibited for betting. Please do not use our predictions for betting.This site is not at all responsible for any type of loss occurred. We just want to show the greatness of Astrology.